Hydraulic Transfer Wagon DGF 1012/60

Hydraulic group motor c.v. twenty
Hydraulic tank capacity lts. 200
Drag capacity tm. 6
Dimensions Mts 6.00 x 4.00
Weight tn. 7
Supply voltage 220 V. 50 Hz.



The DGF-1012 Ferry, basically consists of a frame properly sized to ensure a long life in working conditions and extreme environments.

– The displacement movement is carried out by the 2 driving wheels, which are moved hydraulically by gear units driven by independent hydraulic motors to each wheel and synchronized thanks to a valve.

– The capstand responsible for carrying out the pulling of the trolleys, stores the braided cable that hydraulically operated can make a shot of 6 TM, equivalent to a load of 60 TM. The hydraulic motor coupled to the capstand , has a manual clutch, easily displaceable, to decouple the turning movement.

– All movements of the machine are controlled from a control desk located on the frame.