Stone lathe DGF -V2-3000

This Lathe is a machine that produces columns, balusters, and different stone shapes. Up to 3 meters length, valid for granite, marble and quartzite. It has a copying system using a optical fiber template (without any contact).



Dial min – max (mm) 400-500
Maximum distance of column (mm): 3000
Maximum distance piece starts (extracts) (mm): 750
Maximum turned diameter (mm): 500
Power engine dial (cv): 10
This machine has a chassis set formed with double bench, one to support and approximation of the tailstock, and other one formed by chromed steel bars, for the carriage sliding, the base for the headstock and place to the headstock motion engines.
The DGF-V2-3000 Stone Lathe is designed for drilling, cutting and shaping stone, manually set with automatic feed control. It is composed of a head, suitable for disk with diameter 1200 mm, that travels longitudinally along the bridge. Said bridge is moved, by a guide located in the legs, to give the inclination to the head, always leaving the axis of cut in the same position.