Stone Palletizing Robot Kerbstone Paving DIGAFER 3130-B-P

This is a robot that can palletize both Kerbstone and Paving in one machine. Using either the claw or the sunction cups.


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This robot can pile up in pallets Kerbstone and Pavement with a single robot. The automatic palletizing machine DGF-3130R allows an automatic unloading of the material previously elaborated by the cutting line, piling the stone pieces over wooden pallets in predefined compositions according to the size, shape and thickness of the pieces.

This palletizing machine has a high material unloading capacity, the working cycle programming and the visualization of its sequence are carried out using a terminal which controls all the working cycle parameters.

Holds kerbstone up to 350x300x1000 mm. and 400 kg weight.
Can work with tiles from 300×300 mm. to 1200×1200 mm.
Tension: 380/50 V/HZ.


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